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Festival tour 2023

Tour to Lucerne, Salzburg, Paris, and Luxemburg

After the season opening concert in Berlin, it’s time for the Berliner Philharmoniker and chief conductor Kirill Petrenko to pack their bags! As usual, they are off to the Salzburg Festival and the Lucerne Festival. Afterwards, the orchestra will make guest appearances at the Philharmonie de Paris and the Philharmonie Luxembourg.

Behind the music: the Philharmonie Luxembourg

An exclusive walk through an impressive concert hall

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Festivaltournee 2023: Best of backstage

Our favourite moments behind the scenes

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Behind the music: Hande Küden

How violinist Hande Küden stays focused and relaxed on tour

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Music that shines

A brilliant concert at the Philharmonie de Paris

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From folk to the experimental

Luxembourg and its music

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Behind the music: Egor Ergorkin

Our piccolo player and his “terribly loud mosquito”

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Music from a bird‘s eye

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Water, ships, reflections and music in between

Two concerts in one architectural gem: the KKL.

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Of rescued school concerts and garden hoses

Music education on tour

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Behind the music: Andraž Golob and Matic Kuder

Our new clarinettists about feelings of home, tricky clarinet reeds and their probationary …

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Rain outside, standing ovations inside

Salzburg welcomes the Berliner Philharmoniker with pouring rain, the Salzburgers on the other hand with enthusiastic applause.

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“Servus Salzburg!”

We have arrived at the Grosses Festspielhaus and immediately feel right at home.

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Concert stage quartet for our festival tour

One tour - four unique venues. Which concert hall holds the most seats? Which is the oldest? Our first-ever, unofficial concert stage quartet gives you the perfect overview.

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Notenpult mit den Noten von Richard Strauss’ Heldenleben

A “hero” on tour

With a large orchestration, this piece is not exactly light tour luggage. Nevertheless, it has long been part of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s touring repertoire

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